'Big Brother': Let's move this thing along, huh?

What is there to say about Big Brother at this weird stage of the game, really? Last Thursday offered a double elimination, which sent more bodies home, and we can at least begin to smell the end as alliances tentatively solidify or drift apart. But in terms of big, board-resetting moves? No one seems willing to even consider the option.

Take Andy, tonight's shining example of inactivity. As both Head of Household AND Veto winner he had a golden opportunity to change things up. In one move, he could have hoisted Amanda or Helen (or, you know, anybody) up on the chopping block and with a few shrewd conversations changed the trajectory of the game completely. But he didn't want to do that, out of fear that he'd have "blood on his hands." That's the game, Andy! Quit laboring under the delusion that aligning yourself with McCrae, Amanda, and Aaryn will take you any higher than 3rd place. You've got to start thinking end game.

Now, we won't know until tomorrow night just who, between Spencer and Jessie, will be going home. But it seems at this point the house is committed to sending the latter packing. One word, compound: HIVEMIND. We need to stay playing a game here, people! If not for your sake, then for ours. The diverse array of hate espoused by, like, 30% of this season's cast members kept the editorial machine running for a little while there. Now that those people are (mostly) gone, there's so little for we fans and recappers to hold onto. All we're asking for is a little excitement. Give us something!


I'm just spitballing. Feel free to come up with plenty of fun ideas yourself, because we've got nothing but time to fill as we wait for this season to really start getting good.