'Big Brother' Loses Two Houseguests, While Another Wins Two Competitions

With a surprise double eviction looming, this promises to be an eventful episode. Even Chenbot is excited enough to exhibit some semblance of human emotion. After all, the two houseguests cast out tonight will become the first members of this season's larger-than-ever nine-person jury.

What's especially interesting about this innovation is, as Chen herself points out, she'll no longer be able to give eliminated houseguests any information about the outside world in their exit interviews. As part of the jury, they're technically still on the show. This means Aaryn and GinaMarie will have to wait even longer to learn their horrifying conduct has cost them their jobs—meaning the payoff will be so much more delicious when they finally do find out. I can't wait. Does this make me a terrible person? Probably, yes. Another important development: no more MVPs. From now on, only two houseguests will be nominated per week.

Amanda, Spencer and Candice are on the block. I don't have too many kind words for Spencer "Child Porn?" Clawson, but—Amanda. Ugh, Amanda. I don't even want to talk about you right now, girl. You seemed cool, funny and sane! You were supposed to be my BB15 proxy! My avatar! But then your dark side came out. And by "dark," I do mean racist. And just plain mean. Jessie—I love how Judd calls her "Jay-cee"—and Helen mount an exploratory campaign about the possibility of backdooring Amanda. It doesn't gain too much momentum, but I expect her ousting is only a matter of time. In other news, I know Helen's a consummate politician, but it seems like she's getting way too friendly with Aaryn.

After a season of dull eviction speeches, I'm delighted when Candice uses hers as a platform for a full-on shouting match with GinaMarie, in which she calls out Zimmerman for still living with her mom at 33. GMZ's response literally could not be more GMZ: "At least my mom likes me, unlike yours."

Alas, Candice is unanimously voted out. Sorry, lady. At least you made that clown costume look cute.

To decide HoH, Chen quizzes the houseguests on mundane details of the BB House ("In the living room, is the number of black balls in the fireplace more or less than 10?" and so on). Aaryn becomes Head of Household for a third time—and she's immediately tasked with nominating two of her competitors.

Aaryn chooses Spencer and Jessie. In the Power of Veto competition, they must complete a puzzle by digging through a box of enormous prop nails of different sizes. Yeah, I don't know. Aaryn pulls off a win (again!), and decides to veto her own nomination of Jessie, replacing her with Judd. Cue a loud gasp from the audience, and also a loud gasp from me, sitting alone, by myself.

Tragically, our favorite son of Englewood, Tennessee is unanimously evicted. I already miss his bear shirt.

Image via CBS