Get Excited for Black Milk Clothing's Halloween

You know how people always complain about how early Christmas marketing starts? The music, the commercials, the tacky decorations? Well, I never feel that way about Halloween — in fact, I'd be just fine if we had a monthly (or, at the very least, bi-yearly) celebration of the holiday. So, my ghoul-loving soul freaked out when I saw that we're already getting sneak peeks of Black Milk's Halloween Collection — and it's awesome.

Even though it's not even September yet, my Grinch-like heart grew three sizes when I spied one of those Halloween costume pop-up shops setting up in my local shopping complex. It even prompted me to have an anxiety dream about not having a costume picked out yet (In my dream, I was completely freaking out until I just happened to find a dead-ringer for Daenerys Targaryen's Qarth dress in the back of my closet. Yes, I'm that kind of person).

Anyway, the frisson of seeing a costume shop was nothing compared to the full-blown joy at spying the latest sneak peeks from Black Milk Clothing's upcoming Halloween Collection. I mean, I'm already a huge fan of the brand — their Harry Potter duds, Disney Princess-inspired skater dresses, and Westerosii wares are all at the top of my fashion wishlist — and the fact that they're turning their sights on my favorite holiday was almost too much to bear.

There's grisly, like the above image (blood spattered nurses are always a good way to go — add an eyepatch and you've got yourself a crazy good Elle Driver costume), and there's cutesy, like this brain-printed skater skirt:

Looks like there's something for everyone, and the behind-the-scenes shots of the sets are pure awesome:

I legitimately can not wait to see more.

Images: meohmygirl, blackmilkclothing/Instagram; Twitter