21 Movies To Watch When You Just Need A Freakin' Laugh

"Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days." See? Hannah Montana totally gets life. She knows what it's like to have a sucky day just like us common folk. Whether it's one of those days (or weeks) where your car breaks down, some weird brown gunk gets on your pants from the subway, your sink gets clogged, you mess up at work, or, worst of all, you're all out of wine and Trader Joe's is closed, you just have to breathe and figure out what's going to make your day end on a positive note. For me, that's a funny movie and a glass of wine (I told you being out of wine was bad. Be prepared for this insidious threat, and don't let it happen to you.)

Sometimes you just need to jump on your couch or get under your comforter and munch on some peanut-butter-filled pretzels while you watch a movie that's going to make you seriously laugh. Honestly, it's pretty magical how cure-all a good laugh can be. Whether it's a belly laugh, a snort, a chuckle, or a giggle, there's nothing better than a movie that will lift your spirits. I mean, what else is going to make the memory of your clogged sink go away? (Again, that's when the wine comes in handy. You see where I'm going with this? Wine + laughter is the pairing of the gods.)

Check out some of the best flicks to watch when you're in need of good ol' laugh:

1. Wet Hot American Summer

This is one of those movies that I can see over and over again. Why? Because watching a group of people in their 20s and 30s play a bunch of hapless, ridiculous camp counselors just never gets old. Plus, Paul Rudd's angsty teen scene is absolutely amazing.

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a family dramedy (but mostly comedy) that's made up of a handful of people who are just trying to figure out life and love. And if Ryan Gosling's abs don't make you feel great, then Emma Stone and Steve Carell's awkward characters probably will.

3. Mean Girls

Obviously something written by Tina Fey is going to make you feel better about life. Plus, don't you just love movies that you can quote while your friends tell you you're being obnoxious?

4. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

In this flick, Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino flawlessly portray two naively beautiful women who will do anything to show their former classmates how "successful" they have become. Add in some late '90s outfits and some jokes about gummy bear diets, and you've got comedy gold.

5. Moonrise Kingdom

In a Wes Anderson kind of mood? Then two young and determined lovers being chased by an outlandish search party will definitely make you smile. How quirky!

6. The Room

OK, so you have to be ready for this gem because it's a black comedy that's known for being one of the best worst movies out there. If you're looking for a really big laugh, see if any local theaters are showing a screening of the film because things can get pretty Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque. You won't be able to look away.

7. Legally Blonde

A California sorority sister attempting to get her Harvard law degree? Yes, please. (Plus, you can't pass on a chance to watch Reese Witherspoon at her pinkest prime.)

8. 50/50

Warning: You're most definitely going to cry in this movie. But it's also going to make you laugh at life's misery and make you realize that whatever the hell is going on in your life, you're probably going to get through it.

9. Best In Show

This movie is great for people who have always wanted to make fun of dog shows but never knew how to do so. Mix in the most colorful characters you could possibly imagine and you'll be in for one absurdly funny ride. (Note: You can substitute this for basically any other Christopher Guest film.)

10. 21 Jump Street

People had their doubts about this film, but I think it's been officially proven that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are the most unlikely-yet-hysterical pair of cops ever. They just go together so well.

11. Pitch Perfect

If you like a cappella music, Anna Kendrick, choreographed dances, or cheesy jokes then you need to watch this comedy about an all-girls college singing group. It's a-ca-awesome. (As a bonus: Watch the second movie afterwards.)

12. Caddyshack

If you're a fan of high jinks or any type of tomfoolery, then you'll probably love every single eccentric character in this comedy. Bill Murray's in it, after all! And a gopher!

13. Bridesmaids

Talk about a stellar cast. All of the actresses in this film bring their A-game and knock the jokes right out of the park. Every scene is basically a new adventure into the wild world of being a woman.

14. Young Frankenstein

This Mel Brooks film has a joke crammed into it every second, but the best part is that you have to keep your eyes and ears open if you want to catch all of them. There are little gems hidden everywhere.

15. Shrek

If you want a case of the giggles, just turn on Shrek or one of its sequels. From Donkey to Pinocchio to Lord Farquaad, this animated comedy is definitely not just for kids.

16. Safety Not Guaranteed

OK, so this one might be more of a mellow laugh, but it's still a laugh nonetheless. It's a bit surreal, but if you just accept it for what it is, you'll definitely appreciate how weird it is.

17. Death at a Funeral (2007)

Chaos at a funeral? Always a good premise for a film. Obviously when you put family members together in one room, things are going to get crazy.

18. Anchorman

Not everyone's an Anchorman fan, but if you are, then this '70s-inspired flick will have you wondering why all news broadcasts aren't done by Will Ferrell. And why Steve Carell can't always play Brick.

19. Bridget Jones's Diary

This rom-com is especially good for one of those my-love-life-sucks-and-everything-is-falling-apart days. It has a knack for making you feel better about everything and anything.

20. Airplane

A classic comedy if there ever was one. Set almost entirely on one plane ride, passengers and crew members must work together to land the plane while facing countless knee-slapping misunderstandings.

21. This Is The End

Like Pineapple Express or celebrity cameos? Then you'll probably be on board for this apocalypse movie that takes place at James Franco's house.

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