'Below Deck's Andrew Sturby Is Still Hated by the Crew & That’s Not Changing Anytime Soon

On Tuesday's episode of Below Deck , the staff of the Ohana was (rightfully) enraged when Andrew Sturby received the same amount in tip money as the rest of the crew. Why? Because dude did approximately zero work during the entire charter. Unless of course you count opening a porthole window and flooding your room as work. But I think we probably all left the episode thinking, "This guy's gotta get it together at some point, right? I mean, Captain Lee wouldn't have a complete yahoo on his crew." But, after doing a little online sleuthing, it seems that Sturby doesn't get it together and remains a complete yahoo to this day. Oy.

First, I checked out chief stew Kate Chastain's Twitter and she didn't have the nicest things to say about Sturby during her live tweeting of the show. Then, of course, I went to the source — Sturby's Twitter — and, well, was just annoyed, because, if you can believe it, his tweeting is exactly as annoying as his work ethic.

Case in point:

Yes, he's a good-looking dude, but enough with that already. Anyway, after seeing Chastain's tweet...

...And the fact that Captain Lee retweeted an article from a little website called Bustle, which called Sturby "the worst:"

...I don't have high hopes have high hopes that Sturby will change his ways — which kind of leads me to believe that with his next tip, he'll be getting, as Captain Lee loves to say, a "one way ticket."

But, hey, maybe he'll prove me wrong! (Doubt it.)

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo