Where to Buy 'Big Brother's Bunny Slippers, So You Can Go Full Beast Mode

I've never played Big Brother, but if I ever do I think the hardest thing would be to ration the same clothing items for (hopefully) the entire summer. That is something the current Big Brother houseguests are running into problems with, as they are often seen wearing the same clothes day after day because all they bring into the house is a duffle bag. I’ve gone on overnight trips where I’ve packed more! Because they don’t bring that much into the house, often we see them sharing a lot of items once they meet and befriend the other houseguests. One item that has been seen worn on multiple houseguests? The infamous bunny slippers.

The bunny slippers actually belong to evicted houseguest Amber Borzotra, but because Caleb took a liking to her and wanted something to remember her by (take a liking is an understatement, and something to remember her by is actually her name taped under the bill of his baseball hat), they're still in the house. Team America considered stealing the bunny slippers for this week’s task, but judging by the way they seem permanently affixed to Caleb’s feet, they went with cowboy boots instead.

Classic Bunny Slippers, $30, Bunny Slippers

Those bunny slippers have been through a lot this summer. After all, Amber’s final words to Julie Chen were “he still has my bunny slippers.” When Caleb found out Amber was planning to target him, he stood up in a fit of rage and threw the bunny slippers across the house to prove his toughness (he was also wearing a onsie). It is only natural that the staple accessory of the summer, the Big Brother bunny slippers, should be had by any Big Brother fan.

So where can you buy your own Beast Mode Bunny Slippers to wear while you watch Big Brother? The original pair (which Caleb has been wearing) are from Target, but are no longer available. But don’t let that ruin your day, because there are still about a million other places that sell bunny slippers for you too warm your feet with. In fact, there is a website called BunnySlippers.com that sells similar bunny slippers that include a no-slip sole for when you’re running away from Caleb, er, I mean just walking around the house.

Classic Bunny Slippers, $30, Bunny Slippers

Caleb is pretty stuck on these slippers, it makes me wonder if he thinks they will help him win the game or further his chances with Amber once he is out of the house… Something tells me neither will be achieved with Beast Mode’s bunny slippers.

Images: CBS; BunnySlippers.com