'Big Brother' Evicts Amber & She Keeps Her Cool On the Way Out

Another week, another unsurprising eviction on Big Brother . As the majority of the house had planned all week, Amber was evicted from Big Brother during Thursday night's episode in a unanimous vote. That means, yes, Caleb gave Amber the ultimate betrayal by voting to evict her. Just days before, he had regretted telling Frankie to backdoor her, even breaking down and crying over what he had done. But, I guess he came to his senses and decided to do what was best for him in the game. Shocker.

Up until this point, everyone in the house had basically turned their backs on Amber. She thought her alliance members from "The Bomb Squad" were still loyal to her, but alas, most of them had excluded her from their new "Detonators" alliance. And as previously mentioned, Caleb was taking responsibility all week for Amber being on the block, saying that she needed to be taught a lesson for not being loyal.

With all of that, you would think Amber would have built up some intense bitterness toward her fellow houseguests and really let them have it after host Julie Chen announced that she had been evicted from the Big Brother house. However, being the classy lady that Amber is, she got up, hugged the houseguests, and said her goodbyes before leaving the Big Brother house behind.

Amber's interview with Chen after her eviction was one of the best this season since she has had such intense relationships with some of the houseguests on the show. I nearly jumped out of my seat to give Amber a standing ovation when she told Chen, "I'm sorry I was not interested in him, and I'm not gonna be to win some money," when talking about her relationship, or lack thereof, with Caleb. Amber didn't really seem like she wanted to see Caleb again, except for the fact that she wants her bunny slippers back from him. You should probably just say goodbye to those, girl.

Although a freakout from Amber would've made for some entertaining drama for those of us at home, all in all, I'm glad she kept it together and didn't berate all of the houseguests as Zach has been doing all week. He has pretty much just made himself look like an idiot on the show, so it's for the best that Amber didn't go down that road. Hopefully, Amber will be remembered for her admirable attitude upon her exit from the Big Brother house, rather than her association with Caleb.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS