Their Ice Bucket Challenge Is Adorable

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken social media by storm, recruiting friends and celebrities all for a good cause and spreading the organization’s word, and celebs have definitely started to put their own spin on it. Seriously, it seems like they’re having a little too much fun now, sending the gauntlet to exes as Gwyneth Paltrow did or utilizing slides and kiddie pools like Meryl Davis and Danica McKellar's bucket challenge. Heck, it even made me fall in love with a very wet and confused Robert Pattinson all over again. But if this were high school and we were doing superlatives for this viral sensation, I’d have to give the cutest couple award to the ever adorable Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum for taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together.

Sure, it might look like a frightening video at first with the two standing in a spotlight in a dark room next to a cement wall — actually it sounds like the makings of a horror movie — but the couple were in good company as they hugged each other in preparation for a really big bucket of cold water. Poor Jenna squealed as her hubby held her close, and they then issued the challenge to Jonah Hill, Daniel Day-Lewis, Kate Mara, and Janet Jackson to name a few.

Tatum tweeted the video of himself and his boo accepting the challenge (and donating too!) on Thursday. He also helpfully tweeted some playful shade to The Rock for issuing the challenge, saying he was going to need a bigger bucket.

It was a really big bucket actually. You see it drop once the two are out of frame. We all know how the saying goes: the couple who can take a large bucket of ice cold freezing dumped on their heads together, stays together.