Diddy Released a Dance Album & It's Actually Really Good

This year Diddy seems to be daring anyone to find a mountain he can't climb. So far in 2014, he's earned an honorary doctorate degree and delivered Howard University's commencement speech, played matchmaker with Khloé Kardashian and French Montana, changed his name again, became the subject of an NYU course and battled his ex-girlfriend J. Lo over a TV station business deal. Not only does the list of deeds by Diddy go on and on, it now includes a dance album. Yes, along with help from DJ/producer Guy Gerber, Diddy released a dance album titled 1111, because why not? After all, Diddy's never been afraid to mix things up when it comes to his music.

Still, my brain had a little bit of trouble processing the words Diddy and dance album in the same sentence. I couldn't shake the image of his signature Diddy bop move, which tempted me to swiftly dismiss this as some half-assed effort by a man with too much power and way too much money. I assumed he woke up and decided, "Hey, I'm rich and powerful, what can I do today? Oh yeah! Release a dance album." Even if that is how Diddy arrived at these 11 dance tracks, there are a few reasons I actually enjoyed the entire album.

1. This guy's nowhere to be found on 1111

You know, Diddy's other half who loves contributing senseless raps about money, cars and women. With the exception of a few chants of the signature phrase "Let's go," there's virtually no sign of him on 1111, and for that, my ears are grateful.

2. The music is super groovy...

I've done a one-armed version of this dance for the past hour.

3. 1111 sort of reminds me of Diddy-Dirty Money's Last Train to Paris

It even samples lyrics from "Hello, Good Morning."

4. For the few people who felt this amount of pain when Danity Kane broke up again...

Your ears might be overjoyed to hear a sample from Dawn Richard's Armor On EP.

5. There are moments when I don't feel like this after hearing an auto-tuned Diddy...

"Broken Heart" is one track where I can actually appreciate Diddy's techno-singing vocals. And that does NOT happen often.

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