These 7 TV Shows Are Perfect To Co-Watch With A Friend

Sometimes the only thing you want to do after a long day at work is sit down solo with a bag of Cheetos for dinner, but while I'm certainly not knocking anyone's Cheetos dates, there's something to be said about sharing a TV show with a friend. When you watch TV with a buddy, you're sharing not only the TV viewing experience, but the entire world that the television show takes place in. When you rave about how adorable your new TV character crush is, you want someone to tell you something more meaningful then how Dylan O'Brien has nice bone structure. When a major reveal happens, you need someone to text ASAP to make sure that they were just as shocked as you were, not someone who texts you back with "Who are these people, again?" Sharing a TV show with a friend is like sharing a weird little world with someone else — and that's pretty awesome.

Of course, not all shows are created equal when it comes to co-viewing. Some shows are just way more fun than others to watch with friends — there's simply more to obsess over. Here are shows that are perfect to share with a friend... and perhaps two bags of Cheetos.

Pretty Little Liars

In addition to being about a group of ride or die best friends, this show is basically a roller coaster of crazy. Sure, you can watch it alone and try to come up with your own A theories, but it's way more fun to play detective with a group of friends who each have their own ideas about the identity of Rosewood's hooded figure. One of you guys has to be correct, right?

American Horror Story

To the person who feels totally cool watching American Horror Story alone, you're a brave little toaster and everything, but you're seriously missing out on the fun. Horror is meant to be co-viewed: You need to find out which one of your friends scares the easiest. Call it research.

The Vampire Diaries

If you can figure out what's going on all the time on The Vampire Diaries without the assistance of several fact checking friends, you deserve some sort of prize. Even if you can keep track of all the spells and supernatural creatures roaming Mystic Falls, you'll definitely need someone to talk shop with. Just don't talk ships. Trust.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Your friends will instantly seem like better people when compared to these guys, but you'll have an awesome time hanging out with both sets of friends regardless.

New Girl

You will never have an apartment as nice as the one in New Girl — sorry, guys. But you'll certainly appreciate the adorable bonding that takes place between the roommates on screen. Fair warning: Watching with friends may make you recognize very Schmidt-esque patterns of behavior is certain pals. Quick fix: Your very own Douchebag Jar.

Girl Meets World

Yes, this show is on Disney Channel, and yes, you're probably way too old to still be watching it. But if you watched the original series with your friends (like I did!) you may just feel nostalgic enough to tune in again with the same BFFs. Riley and Maya aren't exactly Corey and Shawn, but they're still the most loyal friends on TV. Sometimes you just need the saccharine.

The Mindy Project

I am eagerly awaiting the return of this Fox sitcom, and while Danny and Mindy's coupledom is definitely a pull, I'm equally as excited for the antics of the entire staff at Schulman & Associates. The Mindy Project is a rom-com and a workplace comedy in one, and there's a character for everyone to relate to. You need your friends to tell you that you're being such a Danny Castellano when you refuse to go swimming at the beach.

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