Is This Going to Be Her Next Role?

Finally, news about Jennifer Lawrence that doesn't involve Chris Martin. (Because Lawrence and Martin are dating, allegedly. Which still blows my mind.) Anyway, Lawrence is best known as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games films and as Mystique in the X-Men: First Class films, but she might be joining yet another highly anticipated film in the immediate future. If Lawrence is really in talks to be in The Hateful Eight, aka the new Quentin Tarantino film that is getting all the buzz, then this is probably the best news that you'll hear all day. After all, Lawrence has more than proven that she can hold her own among an all-star cast, even an all-star cast that's mostly guys.

And that's The Hateful Eight in a nutshell. According to plot description that was revealed by the live-reading of the script, The Hateful Eight "takes place after a blizzard diverts a stagecoach from its route, and traps a pitiless and mistrustful group which includes a competing pair of bounty hunters, a renegade Confederate soldier, and a female prisoner in a saloon in the middle of nowhere." Since the prisoner is the only one who is distinctly referred to as being female, I can only assume that all of the others in the mistrustful group will be males.

That kind of role is right up Lawrence's alley. Or, rather, this kind of role is right up Mystique's alley. The X-Men movies might have painted Lawrence's Mystique as more of an anti-villain or a fallen hero, but she still has a lot to teach Lawrence about the fine art of being a female bad guy who is every inch the equal to any man.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

But vinegar works too.

Be proud of who you are.

Stop to smell the roses.

And never let the bad guys see you sweat.

EDIT: Jennifer Lawrence's publicist has denied the rumor, but we can certainly dream.

Image: thefangirl-rph (2), xavierstea, thelively-rpc (2)/Tumblr