Idina Menzel’s Ice Bucket Challenge Makes It Clear the Cold Actually Does Kinda Bother Her — VIDEO

Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge really a challenge for someone who is the queen of cool? I'm talking literally here, people. You've seen Frozen, Elsa reigns over a kingdom that is made purely of ice. It flows from her veins. Well, regardless of her general comfort with frigid precipitation, Queen Elsa's gone and done something really great in the name of charity. Obviously, setting a good example for the rest of her adoring kingdom. But perhaps even better than the fact that Idina Menzel took the Ice Bucket Challenge was where she experienced said saturation.

No, she didn't do it in a shower, or a backyard, or in front of her in-ground swimming pool tiled with gold like Anne Hathaway, or John Krasinski, or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (OK, so maybe there wasn't any actual gold involved) did. She didn't decide to go nude, or to cover herself in rice (which is the worst dad joke ever, Miley), or weirdly nominate a small child or fetus (I'm looking at you, Hayden Panettiere). Menzel took this challenge in a place that's close to her heart and ours: Broadway.

But she didn't just stand there in the middle of the Great White Way dodging tour buses and street peddlers. Girl's got more common sense than that. She set up a makeshift performance space right at her show, If/Then's, stage door where cameras flashed, tourists passed unknowingly, and fans lined up behind the barricades to watch the star get soaked. It was so fitting and so Idina that I can't possibly imagine her tackling the challenge any other way. She's a New York gal, after all. And, most importantly, she thanked those who nominated her, but also her supportive fans who have loved her long before Frozen ever came to be.

Check out the Broadway baby doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge below:


Image: Giphy