What Is Pandora's Box? This 'Big Brother' Twist Could Really Shake Up the House This Season

If you've been keeping an eye on the Big Brother live feeds, and this is your first time watching Big Brother, you might have been bewildered to hear Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur mention something called the Pandora's Box Friday night. Sure, the house guests discuss a lot of random things in the Big Brother house, but Greek mythology is the most random thing yet. After all, they could have been discussing Frankie's eviction rap for Zach or even Zingbot and Kathy Griffin's appearance in the Big Brother house or, you know, just anything besides Greek mythology. As it turns out, the Pandora's Box is a Big Brother staple that could really turn this game upside down — if, of course, the house guests decide to open it.

The Pandora's Box made its first Big Brother appearance in season 11 and its final Big Brother appearance in season 14. Since then, it's been commonly assumed that the twist has been retired. Essentially, it is a mysterious door in the HoH room that is marked with a golden question mark. Opening it can be good or bad depending on who you are. Sometimes, the HoH gets something amazing while the house guests are punished. Sometimes, the house guests get something amazing while the HoH is punished. So far, no one has decided that maybe opening the door and taking the risk is a bad idea that they should avoid.

So what could the Pandora's Box mean for Big Brother season 16? We've got some suggestions.

1. HoH Reversal

The HoH is locked in the Box while the rest of the house guests have a quick competition to select a new one. When a new HoH is chosen, they host a nomination ceremony that day that places all new people on the block until Thursday — including the old HoH, if they're that unlucky.

2. Field Trip

The HoH gets to take a trip out of the house with one other house guest of their choice. Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin returns to host a roast of the remaining house guests until the HoH returns. Considering she gave better zings than Zingbot, this is probably tantamount to torture for the competitors.

3. Visiting Family

The HoH gets a surprise visit from a member of their family who can stay for the whole day as long as they don't talk about the outside world's reactions to the Big Brother season. Meanwhile, the other house guests have one beloved personal item taken away by production and this time they don't get it back until eliminated or the end of the game.

4. Zach Attack

All right, so this is the shameless Zach fan in me talking, but a good Pandora's Box twist would be to bring Zach Rance back from the Jury House. Maybe even as The Saboteur 3.0. Since I assume that would be a punishment for the house guests, the HoH gets a free spa day so they're nice and relaxed before they get Zach Attacked.

Image: CBS; hollyandmeganwatchtv, yourarianagifs, fuckyeah-juliechenbot, bricesander/Tumblr