Kathy Griffin Joins Zingbot on 'Big Brother'

No one from the outside world is allowed into the Big Brother house (in most situations), that’s what makes it so exclusive. One exception to this rule is the beloved Big Brother Zingbot, who pops up to host veto ceremonies all while serving up a dose of insults to the houseguests, with a side of even more insults. Basically, Zingbot says what we’ve all been thinking this current season (this time he mentioned Christine and Cody’s relationship). And in true Big Brother fashion, expect the unexpected because this year Zingbot brought a friend into the house — Kathy Griffin.

Ever since Zingbot was introduced to the Big Brother game, he has entered the house without supervision. This year, it seems like Big Brother wanted to keep an eye on Zingbot and send in Kathy Griffin. If you don’t know Kathy Griffin’s sense of humor, she is essentially the human version of Zingbot; she takes blows at people for the name of comedy, which I usually find to be funny, but some find to be offensive. Zingbot has a similar reputation. But why did Zingbot bring Griffin with him this season? Could he not insult these fruit loop dinguses himself, so he needed to bring backup? Check out the preview of Zingbot’s return.

Griffin will also be a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday night, so hopefully she'll explain why she accompanied Zingbot. Until then, here are a few guesses as to why Griffin entered the Big Brother house.

Double the fun

Sure, Zingbot is fun, saucy, and everything else I like in my robots, but Griffin is also fun and saucy. Adding her to the mix would only allow the zings to be extra zingy this season. Although it seems like most of the zings were left to Zingbot himself, I am sure Kathy was able to sneak in a few one-liners.

Griffin is a huge Zankie fan

This is probably the most obvious reason she went into the house (okay, maybe not…). Perhaps Griffin is a huge Zankie fan and hates to see them be separated this week with Zach’s potential eviction, so her only way to stop it from happening was by going into the house herself. You know what they say: when you want a job done, you’ve got to do it yourself.

She was there for the Zingervention as a mad scientist

The Power of Veto competition is named “Zingervention” and it seems that the houseguests might have had to create their own Zingbot with equal parts sass, wit, insult, and zing. Griffin, who might not be known as a scientist to many (or any?) could be there as the crazy inventor trying to create a new Zingbot.

Image: CBS