Frankie Grande's 'Big Brother' Rap Was Super Harsh on Zach

Even if you don't keep up with the Big Brother live feeds, you could tell that Zankie would be no more by the end of Wednesday night's episode. And while we all saw Frankie nominating Zach for eviction coming, I think all Big Brother fans were taken aback when Frankie decided to rap his speech. For a while it had been pretty clear that Frankie was going to use his Power of Veto on Caleb and put up Zach in his place, and then he actually did it. It's what happened next that caught me off guard.

Not to be outdone by Zach's little poem telling the houseguests to evict Jocasta during the live eviction episode from a couple of weeks ago, Frankie put on his own performance. And oh what a show it was. You better grab your popcorn, ladies and gents, because it's about to go down.

Frankie, dressed as a glam rapper with his sequined black vest and snapback turned sideways, spit a few rhymes at Zach as he announced that he would be the replacement nominee, much to the chagrin of everyone who was praying for the enforcement of the Renom Rule. For your reading pleasure, here is Frankie's rap in full. And try to rap it just as Frankie would. Go ahead. You know you want to.

I'm gonna take a page from my best friend Zach Attack. But I'm gonna do it better 'cuz your shit was kinda wack. I love you so much, and it'd be fun for you to stay, but if I don't put you up, I'm gonna look cray cray. So Zach my friend, please go and have a seat. It's time for you and Julie Chen to finally meet.

That was a bit... much. I mean, sure, Zach's not one to hold back, but did Frankie really need to be so harsh in nominating him? Just a hot second ago, weren't they cuddling in bed or something like that? A simple, "I nominate you, Zach" would have sufficed. Plus, Frankie called Zach's poem "wack," and that's just not cool. He seems like the kind of guy who really puts a lot of effort into crafting his verses.

Well, we all knew this had to end some time. Whether it was on Finale Night or weeks before, the end of Zankie was nigh. It looks like this is it for everyone's favorite showmance of the season. But then again, Zach always seemed to crawl right back to Frankie. Something tells me Zach will be eager to make his life "Grande" again once the show is over.

Image: CBS