Frank Ocean Needs to Be the Person To Permanently Banish Chris Brown From Pop

We've been saying for a while that Chris Brown really needs to just disappear, but this has been with the dull, hopeless outlook that he'll never actually go to jail or stop being an asshole in public. However, Frank Ocean's verse on Earl Sweatshirt's new track "Sunday" has given us a glimmer of hope that someday Chris Brown might actually be held publicly accountable for all of the seriously awful stuff he's done.

Ocean names no names, but the intent is clear when he raps, "He called me f*ggot, I was just calling his bluff ... Why his mug all bloody? That was a 3-on-1." He is, of course, referring to the infamous parking lot fight between Brown and Ocean's crews, one that almost ended up in a court, had it not been for Ocean's decision not to press charges. Chris Brown has, at this point, assaulted three different people in show business alone (Rihanna, Drake, Frank Ocean), and has been held actually accountable for none of them. It's comforting to know that at the very least, Ocean is going to make sure people know what went down between him and Chris Brown.

But it remains to be seen whether Frank Ocean will be able to vanquish the resident villain of hip hop. It's one thing to call him out for his bigotry, but quite another to really raise awareness enough to turn Chris Brown's infamous fans against him. My hope is that Frank Ocean's appeal to the same audience that likes Chris Brown will force them to make a choice between the face of homosexuality in the rap game, and the guy that's known for being an angry douche bag.

Chris Brown is a terrible role model, a mediocre artist, and an all around peon. It would be gratifying to see him replaced by someone like Frank Ocean, whose great music and bravery sets a great example for younger fans. Personally, I wouldn't want my son or daughter listening to anyone who can't properly apologize for domestic abuse, uses words like f-word, and cannot be humble enough to stand and clap when they've lost.

Additionally, in the middle of a time when there are heated discussions about taking domestic and sexual abuse seriously, Chris Brown is a living, breathing reminder that there is a whole fan base out there willing to ignore both of those things to listen to his music. Here's to hoping Frank Ocean is the answer to all of these problems.