Another Heartbroken Andi Suitor Hits 'Paradise'

It seems like just yesterday Bachelorette Andi Dorfman sent Cody Sattler packing while the two of them were in Verona, Italy. We knew they wouldn't last, Andi knew they wouldn't last, and she made the right decision letting him go. Conveniently, that freed him up to join Bachelor in Paradise. Meanwhile, Season 15 Bachelor and Season 2 Bachelor Pad contestant Michelle Money is also having her fair share of trouble in the world of romance. Regardless, could Cody and Michelle actually find true love on the show? Even better, with each other?

As we all know, there isn't actually a prize or "winner" for Bachelor in Paradise , but the couples rather receive the gift of "true love." Personally, instead I'd really love a new car, or a hefty cash prize, or even a trip to Disneyland. Honestly, I won't do anything unless I'm guaranteed a Chipotle gift card, but hey, to each their own. But back to Cody and Michelle's fate...

Bachelor in Paradise has already wrapped filming, so what we're watching play out on screen happened about a month or so ago. Usually the contestants are put under strict agreement not to discuss details of the show until the events air on television, but that doesn't stop them from sometimes accidentally tweeting about the show. (Beware of falling spoilers, folks.)

OK, so she's not spilling anything too major, except for sand, but rumors have been swirling since the show wrapped, and all signs point to Michelle + Cody = Love. And, supposedly, one month after wrapping, Michelle and Cody are still together, and still very much in love, according to Wet Paint.

And if I'm being honest, both of them deserve only the best in the world of love. Michelle was cast off of Brad's season on Bachelor, and didn't fair too well with Bachelor Pad, either. Michelle tried long distance with Grahm Bunn, but the distance was too much. She shows up in Paradise and pulls him away immediately.

(What continues to surprise me about is that contestants on shows like this, and Bachelor Pad, act like they have no idea who the others in the group are, and that they don't know their back story, like they weren't completely addicted to the show for a season. Please. I would show up and awkwardly have to tell everyone that I already follow them on Twitter.)

Anyway. By episode's end, Michelle is crying at the final rose ceremony, because she didn't receive a rose. Then of course, injured Chris Bukowski swoops (or hobbles) in, says that he's leaving the show, and gives her the final rose. She has a real chance at love, you guys. Chris believes it, too. Michelle, you do deserve this.

Meanwhile, we literally saw Cody get eliminated from the Bachelorette 83 days ago. But still, they really could be the real deal. Please be the real deal. One of these couple has to work, giving the rest of us common folk hope.

Yeah, I think Michelle and Cody are going to be the real thing, even if he's a man of few words.

Image: Agustin Murillo/ABC