'Mad Men' or 'Game of Thrones'? What Your Emmy Vote Says About You

Television addicts, welcome to your Super Bowl. The Emmys are almost here (on a Monday, no less!) which means that it's time to cuddle up on the couch, pop some popcorn, and rant about all of the people and shows that were snubbed this year. (Everything about Orphan Black, because obviously.) While there are certainly reasons to be mad about what is missing from the Emmy nominations bill, there are also plenty of reasons to get hyped. The Outstanding Comedy and Outstanding Drama categories are filled with amazing shows that you know you stayed up into the wee hours of the night to binge watch, and that's more than enough reason to tune in to see which of these shows take home the ultimate prize.

Whether your game is comedy or drama, you can't argue with the fact that shows like Orange is the New Black and True Detective were game changers on the entertainment landscape this year. But just because they may be the TV show du jour doesn't mean that they are the ones you'll be (emotionally) voting for come Monday night. Any of the shows below are worthy contenders for your vote, but now the question is: What does your Emmys vote say about you? More than you might imagine. Here's what your favorite Emmy-nominated TV show says about you.

Breaking Bad

You watched the entirety of Breaking Bad on Netflix when you probably should have been studying for finals, but who cares about your grades when you no longer have to shove your hands over your ears in public just to avoid spoilers? You like to toss around the word "anti-hero" when defending Walter White and "Yeah, bitch!" into daily conversations, the latter of which makes your parents really nervous.

Downton Abbey

You studied abroad in England and came back with a slight (but very real) accent. You have an affinity for pearls, snappy comebacks, and leaving a room when you've said just enough.

Game of Thrones

You were thrilled when this fantasy show hit HBO but was slightly bummed that so many alleged Game of Thrones fans refused to read the books. You take serious pride in your self-proclaimed house (#TeamStark) and actively sought out a Northern Inuit breeder so you could have your very own direwolf.

House of Cards

You like that Frank breaks the fourth wall (it's like a really dark version of The Office!) even if you can't always follow the politics involved in the show. To be fair, you tried to watch the entire second season on Valentine's Day, and you're pretty sure you were in a sugar coma after your second box of discounted Russell Stover's.

Mad Men

You went as Holly Golightly for the past three Halloweens and know the importance of a professional wardrobe.

True Detective

This show gives you serious television anxiety and that's exactly the reason why you love it so much. You have an analytical mind combined with a insatiable thirst for adventure. You also get insanely competitive while playing board games.

The Big Bang Theory

If it ain't broke, why fix it, right? You know that The Big Bang Theory might not be the hippest comedy on TV, but you can't help it that you're highly invested in Sheldon and the gang. You majored in something science-y and find yourself laughing harder than all of your friends at proton jokes. (Come on, they're a hoot!)


Your sense of humor is a little higher brow than that of your peers, but you still laugh at fart jokes basically whenever someone makes one. You've used the phrase "I'm not mean, I'm right" but afterwards felt pretty bad about it.

Modern Family

You spend a lot of time with kids and wish you could have a glass of wine with Claire Dunphy and talk about it because you totally feel her struggle.

Orange is the New Black

You're always down to talk about the latest social issue and are legitimately irritated every time a female celebrity denounces feminism. You are very happy to have found a show that passes the Bechdel test with flying colors.

Silicon Valley

You get accused of being a hipster a lot, but it's not like you can help it that effortless chic looks amazing on you. Your dream is to have your own startup and you would totally apply to join Pied Piper, even if you're only half sure of what the company's mission is. (To be fair, so are they.)

Images: Netflix; Giphy