Keke Palmer sure looks fab at the 2014 Emmys, doesn't she? I mean, I've been throwing around the term showstopper a lot Monday evening (see: Mindy Kaling in fire engine red Kenzo and Lena Dunham in freakin' ruffled Giambattista Valli ), but Palmer here might just take the cake. I mean, her dress is every bit as voluminous as the aforementioned Lena Dunham ball gown, and perhaps a bit more conventionally attractive (I'm talking about the dress, people).

Anyway, we've established the fact that she looks fabulous, but let's address the elephant in the room here: I feel like the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction might be dangerously high. It makes me think of those signs they have, whenever you're driving up into the mountains, or the desert — you know, those little meters that tell you what the likelihood of a wildfire is? They go from green (which is safe) to yellow (moderate) to orange (high) to red (very high), depending on how dry it is?

Let's just say that if we had a meter for Ms. Palmer, it would be on red right now.

That said, I'm so happy to see her looking so glamorous — she's wonderful on Masters of Sex, and that dress will surely be remembered throughout her career... I just hope she was liberal with the fashion tape!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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