AshLee's Meltdown Could Push Graham Away

Since day one of Bachelor in Paradise, AshLee Frazier has had her eye on Graham Bunn and he mostly went along with things, until AshLee's slut shaming side came out. Now Graham may walk away from Bachelor in Paradise , and it's entirely AshLee's fault. On Monday's episode AshLee got caught by a hidden camera bashing Clare Crawley for going in the ocean with Juan Pablo. News of her love for slut-shaming spread quickly through the house and Michelle Money brought the situation to Graham's attention. And like the rest of America, he was less than thrilled with AshLee's actions. Not only is he friends with Clare, but he was pissed that AshLee was so eager to stab her supposed friend in the back. So he let his feelings known.

During the rose ceremony AshLee called out his name to hand him her rose and Graham hesitated before walking off the set entirely. We have yet to learn whether he's leaving the show or just taking some time to think, because this week's ending was a cliffhanger. Don't worry though, you only have to wait until Tuesday to find out what happens.

But all signs are pointing to Graham being so fed up with AshLee's behavior that possibly he'd be willing to give up his time on the show to make a stand against what she said. Since AshLee basically claimed him week one, he hasn't had a lot of time to get to know the other girls which means that he wouldn't have much of a shot of getting anyone else's rose if he says no to AshLee.

I think myself and everyone else watching kind of wants him to leave, though. AshLee needs to know that what she did wasn't right, and if losing Graham wakes her up to that, then good. We won't know for sure until Tuesday, but Graham seems like the kind of guy who will do the right thing, even if it means losing his chance at finding love in Paradise. Hopefully that's the side of Graham we'll see Tuesday night.

Image: ABC