Sarah Silverman's Backstage Emmys Antics Are Even More Bizarre than Her Acceptance Speech

This year's Emmys broadcast was an especially awkward one. Some jokes didn't land, others just made us uncomfortable, and acceptance speeches seemed more random than usual. In her acceptance speech for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special, Sarah Silverman took things to a whole new level, making us wonder just how much liquid weed she'd brought in her clutch. Things got even stranger backstage, however, when Silverman faced a room full of reporters and delivered barely coherent answers to questions she forgot halfway through speaking. She attributed her behavior to having just seen the Robin Williams tribute which made her "feel weird," understandably, but it seemed like more than just her emotions were at work here.

After being asked about appearing nude on Masters of Sex, Silverman told the same joke about her boobs that she did earlier on the red carpet, "they're as low as they have been. They're also as high as they'll ever be. What was the question?" Then a question about her shoes, which Silverman kicked off before running to the stage to accept her award, lead to a bizarre joke that she seemed to realize was not okay as she said it. A reporter asked Silverman what her "Jewish mother would think" of her being barefoot on stage. Here's what Silverman had to say.

Well my Jewish mom wears overalls with two different color socks so I think she'd go, think it was cool. But, um, don't tell, uh anyone I'm doing this. They just hurt, the shoes just hurt. They're very nice. They're by Geppetto. I remember that because he made Pinocchio and also clearly designed shoes for the Nazi war effort. Don't be mad at me.

You okay there, Sarah? Finally, someone directly asked her about the weed in her purse and Silverman explained that she wasn't high, saying, "No I wasn't stoned. I had pot for later in my purse. She said 'what's in your purse?' It's legal. And I don't drink. I like to have a puff as a treat at appropriate times." It's not clear if Silverman meant that she wasn't high on the red carpet, or at that moment, but it certainly seems like she might've broken into her stash at some point during the show.

And no one's saying she shouldn't "have a puff as a treat," but maybe next time she should wait to see if she wins the Emmy, and therefore has to deliver some speeches, before going for it. Congrats on the win, Sarah, and thanks for always keeping us entertained.