'OITNB' Star Lea DeLaria's Personal Emmys Photos Are Better Than Press Photos

A lot happened at the Emmys on Monday night. That bizarre kiss between Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus! That awful Sofia Vergara butt-gazing moment! Cary Fuknaga and his beautiful face! But there are some things that the cameras and the press cannot capture. Enter celebrity Instagrams to solve those problems. Orange Is The New Black's Lea DeLaria took some awesome Instagram photos at the Emmys — and not just with her Litchfield cellmates. DeLaria and her cellphone went across television shows and channels, giving us some of the best selfies of the eve. Let's take a look at some of them.

With Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Obviously DeLaria didn’t care that Modern Family won Best Comedy — these two appear to be pals.

Image: realleadelaria/Instagram

With The Litchfield Ladies

Orange Is The New Black won the red carpet, at least.

Image: realleadelaria/Instagram

With Lena Dunham and Pamela Adlon

OITNB + Girls + Louie = one helluva photo.

Image: realleadelaria/Instagram

With Pamela Adlon

TV comedy stars stick together… and take awesome pics while they’re at it.

Image: realleadelaria/Instagram

With Matt McGorry and Pamela Adlon

It’s Officer Bennett! WHAT A SMILE ON THAT GUY.

Image: realleadelaria/Instagram

It's 'House of Orange!'

The power of Netflix.

Image: realleadelaria/Instagram

With Anna Chlumsky, At The Before-Emmys Party

Apparently, they’re neighbors. Brooklyn locals, take note — they’re your neighbors, too.

Image: realleadelaria/Instagram

With Jesse Tyler Ferguson Again, At The Before-Emmys Party

She says it here — he’s her “BFF.” So to clarify: It’s we who have the hard feelings about OITNB’s loss to Modern Family.

Image: realleadelaria/Instagram