Jesse Kovacs Reveals Offensive 'Bachelor in Paradise' Moment Could Be too Crude to Air

Jesse Kovacs may have stepped out of the Bachelor limelight for several years to focus on his career with his wine label and Internet cafe Liquid Lounge, but he's back in the game on Bachelor in Paradise and the center of Tuesday night's scandal: In Touch recently revealed that Kovacs' return results in an offensive moment. So does offensive actually mean offensive? Kovacs confesses to me that what happens will indeed bother contestants and viewers alike. "It's definitely offensive, and for a lot of people."

"It is a family show and I think it could be so offensive that I'm not sure they would ever air it." So offensive it can't be on TV? Considering some of the things that do make it on the show (like copious amounts of slut-shaming and some unfortunate ocean sex) that could be saying a lot.

As for what actually happens, the San Diegan businessman can't tell me details, but did say it had to do with what happened with a couple of the women on the show, and himself. Tuesday's promo teased a ménage à trois between Kovacs, Jackie Parr, and Lucy Aragon, so perhaps that's what got everyone upset?

According to Kovacs, the moment he informed the other guys what happened was off camera, but word spread around Paradise, anyway.

"I was open and honest. I never wanted it to be on TV ... so I made sure I told all these guys without cameras or microphones on, but of course they circled back and told some of the girls what I had said."

This is all sounding a lot like what happened with AshLee Frazier on Monday night when she got caught bashing Clare Crawley on a hidden camera. The difference, though? Kovacs insists that unlike AshLee he didn't have a camera face and a regular face and wasn't overly paranoid by how he would be perceived. "I was just being honest and telling the truth about what happened ... it could be offensive to a lot of people but again, I wasn't lying. I didn't make anything up."

Both he and AshLee regret their specific dramatic moments on the show, though. Last night, AshLee tweeted that she was ashamed of her actions (or more likely, ashamed that she got caught).

Kovacs too wishes he could take back the way things went down. "There's definitely things I would have done differently. One hundred percent," he says.

But hey, it's not The Bachelor without some drama and maybe Kovacs will get lucky and the moment won't be shown. But at least he doesn't stand by his actions, unlike some members of Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, Kalon McMahon, I'm looking at you and the "baggage" joke you made on Twitter last night.

Time to let things go Kalon, and move on like AshLee and Kovacs are attempting to do.

Images: ABC