Sarah Herron & Robert Graham Finally Kissed, Upping Their Chance To Be A 'Paradise's Power Couple

We know things are going swimmingly for Lacy and Marcus, but things are heating up for Bachelor in Paradise's other couple Robert Graham and Sarah Herron who finally made out. It took a little bit of work but the two finally kissed after several agonizingly awkward moments. Even Chris Harrison drew attention to their lack of physicality on Monday night's date. "I was certainly expecting a kiss in that environment—a bikini, crystal blue waters, and the much needed lotion application," he said in his Bachelor blog.

Sarah apparently felt the same way and kept talking to the camera about how she reaaallllly wanted to kiss Robert. So the pair spent some time in the hot tub just hugging and struggling to find a comfy position and it was not the usual smooth Bachelor hot tub scene we're used to. But in the end the pair finally locked lips, and they might be headed for something as real as Lacy and Marcus have.

Robert and Sarah are pretty adorable, and after her failed attempt at capturing Sean Lowe's heart, and Robert's miss with Desiree Hartsock they deserve this Bachelor in Paradise second chance at love.

Who knows, maybe BIP will end up with two engagements. Or maybe the pair was awkward for a reason: they just don't fit that well. I mean, they're both sweet, but if you can sit on each other's laps in a hot tub and not automatically be drawn to kissing you may just not be cut out for each other.

But I want them to find love. So for their sake I'll try to overlook the awkwardness and write it off as just getting to know each other. Like Chris Harrison said to Entertainment Weekly, "It will be nice to see how this relationship grows over time."

Image: Agustin Murillo/ABC