Sarah is More Than Her Number of Limbs

Things on Bachelor in Paradise are heating up for Sarah Herron who went on a date with Robert Graham this week. She was pretty excited to finally get some attention paid to her by someone who wasn't a reality TV disaster (I'm looking at you Chris Bukowski.) Especially when Robert picked her over Michelle Money, which meant a lot to Sarah to be someone's first choice.

Sarah and Robert's date was pretty standard Bachelor fare: a day sailing on a fancy yacht complete with the two of them standing on the bow shouting, "I'm king of the world!" in an homage to Titanic. Everything was romantic and perfect. Unfortunately for viewers saw a side to Robert that was a little unfortunate. In a confessional he called attention to Sarah's arm (which she's been missing since birth) and made a statement that basically said how brave she was to come to Paradise and look for love despite it all.

I mean, yeah, Sarah is brave to come back to the craziness that is a Bachelor show, but for Robert to insinuate that for some reason finding love in her "condition" is too tough and she's so brave to come anyway feels a little weird. She's way more than just her number of limbs.

On Sean Lowe's season, Sarah never let her arm slow her down, and went on the show's first active group date where she repelled down a freaking building. Later that season she even gave the roller derby group date a shot. She fell a lot, but she got right back up and tried again.

I'm sure that Robert was prompted to comment on her arm by a producer, but that's still kind of gross. Like, can we have a show that doesn't try to make her all about the way she was born? Sarah is a beautiful, smart, personable woman and she's not that despite her arm, like Robert implied. She is the way she is and we should all just accept that.

Starting with the Bachelor cast and crew, let's view Sarah as a normal person, instead of a person with one arm. That would be great.

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