Ellen Appeared on 'Chelsea Lately' Just In Time

We all knew going into the series finale of Chelsea Lately that Chelsea Handler would have a ton of surprises in store, but I don't think anyone realized how quickly they would begin. After a very quick opening monologue, Chelsea told the audience about her last day at E!, when she took her last shower in the offices. We then jumped to said showers and who decides to join Chelsea in the shower? Ellen DeGeneres, who saved her first appearance on Chelsea Lately for the last possible moment.

It was well worth the wait, though watching these two hilarious women interact just made me wish that they had more time together. In their brief shower scene, in which Chelsea was completely nude and Ellen added a shower cap to one of her usual casual suit outfits, Ellen addressed her previous absence. She wondered why Chelsea hadn't had her on the show, was it because she is a lesbian? Chelsea immediately denied the allegation, first by claiming she thought Ellen was married to Ryan Seacrest, and then by claiming that by living with a lesbian and owning two dogs, she is a lesbian too. Ellen didn't buy it, but the two did bond over being the only women in their talk show timeslots... until Ellen corrected Chelsea that she is not the only woman in daytime.

But don't worry, the two comedians ended things on a relatively good note. Chelsea did a naked dance and tried to hug Ellen, who politely leaned away. So maybe we won't get to see the Chelsea and Ellen comedy dream team again, but there is one pair that I wouldn't be surprised to see reunite: Ellen and Chuy. That's right, apparently the two are best buds. When a completely nude Chuy tried to hug Ellen, she immediately reciprocated and lamented that she'll miss Chuy the most now that Chelsea Lately is over. Won't we all?

Please Ellen, give Chuy something to do. Get him a show, make him your assistant, just keep him on our TVs. If anyone has the power to make that happen, it's you.

Image: Timothy White/E!