Miley Cyrus Singing "It's Over" On The 'Chelsea Lately' Finale Is Weird But Kinda Wonderful

While she appeared at the 2014 VMAs ready to humble herself and let Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce take the spotlight, Miley Cyrus still performed on a television event this week. Instead of the huge MTV Video Music Awards, however, Cyrus chose the finale of Chelsea Lately , where she took the stage to sing Roy Orbison's "It's Over" to the woman leaving the late night game.

And I wanted to hate it. I really, really did. Cyrus showed up on stage in high-wasted red pants, a white shirt with overly dramatic fringe, and a hairdo that rivals Tin Tin's whispy blonde locks. She was practically begging for me to joke over all of it. But then she started singing and she was actually really good. Damnit. I knew she was good.

Cyrus took Handler's wish that "Hannah Montana" would send her off by telling her "it's over" rather literally and did the classic Orbison song more than justice. Cyrus may be battling the PR nightmare that was her VMA date who wasn't as homeless as he claimed (and who's currently got a warrant out for his arrest), but when she stopped by the finale of Chelsea Lately, she showed us why we all care so much about what she's wearing or who she's bringing around on her arm or what she says about retwiring from twerking.

Homegirl can SING.