At Least Gwen Can Laugh At Her Mistake

Don't worry guys, I can officially confirm that Gwen Stefani is funnier than John Travolta, because obviously that an issue that needed to be sorted out. After Stefani mispronounced The Colbert Report at the Emmys in a Travolta-esque moment, I was starting to worry that she would keep silent on the issue, only letting Colbert and Jimmy Fallon mock the flub in the acceptance speech that followed. Anyone watching the series finale of Chelsea Lately got lucky, however, as Stefani appeared on the show and addressed the mistake in an actually funny way.

Rather than wait too long and apologize with a bad pun the way Travolta did to Idina Menzel, Stefani just tried announcing a name again — and messed up, again. It was a completely unexpected moment that perfectly addressed the error without taking the spotlight away from Chelsea Handler. Or I guess I should say Chelsea Hammer, as that's how Stefani referred to the late night host in her self-deprecating moment.

It was the perfect way to handle the Emmys moment. Coming just one night later, it was clear that Stefani is in on the joke and can laugh at herself without making it into a big deal. The next time someone messes up a name at an awards show (which will inevitably happen again) they should follow Stefani's lead. Just laugh it off and move on. The rest of us already have.