Colbert's Response to Gwen's Emmy Flub Is Amazing

One of the highlights of Monday night's surprisingly-not-disappointing Emmy Awards was without a doubt Gwen Stefani's very own "Adele Dazeem" moment, when she announced The Colbert Report as winner of the Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series award...by saying, "The Colbore Report." Though she was quickly corrected by both her co-presenter, Adam Levine, and the millions of us watching at home, it was still a hilarious moment that it seems both she and Stephen Colbert — or should I say, Stephen Colbore? — are taking in stride. First, Stefani laughed at her flub on the series finale of Chelsea Lately, and now, Stephen Colbert just added "Colbore" to the opening credits of The Colbert Report . Seriously.

It's not clear if this is going to be a one-night thing, or if we'll be seeing "Colbore" in the opening credits of all The Colbert Report episodes for the remainder of its run. But, regardless, it's an amazing addition primarily because it's so subtle — easy to miss, and hilarious when you see it. This is the type of comedy Colbert does best, and this is proof of that.

Head on over here (at the 2:27 mark) to check out last night's new intro for yourself, and then stick around to watch the entire episode, because it's kind of great. Embedded below is the cold open from last night's episode with Jeff Bridges — sure, it cuts off before the new intro, but I felt like I needed to at least embed something. Can't go wrong with Jeff Bridges, right?

Image: Comedy Central