Idris Elba Has a Ton of Upcoming Projects

In need of some kind words to brighten up your day? I've got a couple: Idris Elba. OK, so that sounded kind of thirsty, but what can I say — these are the dog days of August. Speaking of cooling off, Elba completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. In the same manner in which Elba calmly addressed the photo of that mysteriously massive bulge, he took the ice-cold task in stride. Afterwards, Elba nominated Bradley Cooper (I can't believe he hasn't done it already!), Taraji P. Henson and Prince Harry.

Elba appeared on the late night talk show to promote his upcoming movie No Good Deed, which hits theaters Sept. 12. In the film, Elba plays a calculating criminal on the run who cons his way into an unsuspecting woman's home. It sounds like he's reprising a role that's similar to his days as the smooth criminal Stringer Bell on the HBO series The Wire.

Fortunately, if you feel the way Lena Dunham feels about Elba and can't get enough of his dreamy onscreen appearances, you're in luck because his epic portrayal of Nelson Mandela was just the tip of the iceberg on his laundry list of upcoming projects. For any fans of the BBC's Luther who wept when the show's creator nixed plans for its TV return, it may not be over just yet. During an Emmy Awards interview, Elba hinted that it may come back to the small screen, saying, "I have ambitions to take it into a film and make it a slightly bigger world, but I think television is beckoning [so] we're going to do some more."

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Elba has a starring role in Second Coming, (which has a Canadian release date of Sept. 7) and Alive Alone, another crime thriller set to hit the big screen soon. We can also expect to see Elba star in Beasts of No Nation and hear him as the voice of The Jungle Book 's Shere Khan, set for release next year.

Obviously, his acting cup runneth way over, so an Idris Elba spotting won't be a rare thing. Well, it is and it isn't, but nevermind.

Image: Getty Images