'Guardians's Dancing Baby Groot Gets A Hilarious Renactment Courtesy Of Cast Members — VIDEO

Whether or not Marvel knew from the get-go what they had with Guardians Of the Galaxy's dancing baby Groot, but alas: It was a great thing. People really connected with that wiggling little sapling, I gotta tell ya. Baby Groot is everywhere — dancing like Taylor Swift, taking over the summer box office, getting James Gunn to admit to his own dance moves, finally getting the toy baby Groot was always destined for.

The most recent in baby Groot's tour of America's hearts took place at Wizard World Chicago, where Dave Batista (Guardians' Drax) and Michael Rooker (Guardians' Yondu Udonta, also of The Walking Dead) reenacted the fateful scene that put the dancing baby tree on the map.

Batista takes on his original role in the reenactment, oblivious to the delightful scene unfolding behind him. Rooker took the role of Groot in a slightly different direction, opting for a miniature (but fully SFW) striptease for the Wizard World Chicago audience.

It's still early in the baby Groot lifespan, but I'm gonna need this to become a thing at every convention, please. This has to get to Nathan Fillion at some point, doesn't it? He's gotta wiggle in that pot eventually?

Blake Garris on YouTube