Watch Lady Gaga's "Applause" Video

She lives for your applause, but are you clapping watching the music video for Lady Gaga's latest track? The pop star is certainly hoping for plenty of noise — after all, Lady Gaga opted to release her "Applause" video in one of the noisiest ways possible: during Good Morning America... in the middle of Times Square.

Before introducing her video — which shows Lady Gaga in a myriad of costumes, playing court jester, Venus, and even a black swan — the musician spoke to GMA's anchors about her recent hip injury, which left the out-of-commission pop star frustrated. "It was challenging to stop performing," she said. "That was the hardest part. Not seeing the fans."

In fact, Gaga's disappointment even directly led to her "Applause" single cover. "As I was performing on the set, I started to feel really emotional and sad because I hadn't seen my fans in a long time," she said. "I took my hands and I smudged the makeup down my face like tears."

Indeed, her injury actually had a silver lining. As Gaga said, "It made [the creative process] much more intense and amazing. Because I couldn't do anything else but create ... I sat on the couch and I worked every day. And I wrote all my ideas down."

The video was released the same day Gaga was hoping to release the "Applause" track — thanks to online leaks, however, the pop star was forced to move up the release of her new single off her upcoming album, ARTPOP (which hits shelves Nov. 11).

The "Applause" video comes two years after the release of the musician's last music video, Born This Way's "Marry the Night," and just days before Lady Gaga's anticipated performance during MTV's Video Music Awards, which is also slated to feature a performance from Katy Perry. The duel performances continue to set up a rivalry between the two singers, who both scheduled fall album releases (Perry's Prism will be released Oct. 22) and released singles in the past week. (Perry's "Roar" was released just one week ago.)

But the question remains: Can Perry's upcoming "Roar" music video top this?