'Big Brother' Houseguest Caleb's Instagram Was Deleted After Controversy & He's Going To Be Pissed

It seems to be the season of social media on Big Brother, because I have never seen a cast so concerned about how many followers they will have after leaving the house. Maybe it is the Grande Effect, knowing that one of their fellow houseguests, Frankie Grande, is a social media mogul, or maybe it's just the world we live in. One of the most vocal wannabe social media moguls in the Big Brother house is Caleb, who has said repeatedly how he can't wait to see how many followers he has on Instagram when the show is done. Well Beast Mode Cowboy, I've got some bad news for you... Your Instagram account, as you knew it, doesn't exist anymore.

Back in the beginning of the season, we learned that Caleb had a pretty controversial Instagram account, as reported by TMZ, where he made racial and homophobic slurs. I seriously don't get how people who decide to go onto reality shows, or any type of medium that puts your name in front of millions of people, don't think before they tweet (or Instagram). Seriously, can we get D.A.R.E to start teaching that in middle schools? Anyway, Caleb's family spoke to TMZ about the incident and defended Caleb's character saying that the reason they didn't to pre-show damage control was because it was unlike Caleb to even post something worthy of damage control. They even say Caleb probably forgot that the comments were up on his account (the comments were from two years ago, according to his family).

So after the comments came to light, the family deleted Caleb's @insain_physique account, which was probably a good move. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the Internet is a sneaky bastard, and once you put something out there, it's there forever. Zap2It has screenshots of the comments before they were deleted by Caleb's family. Then Caleb's brothers started Caleb a new Instagram account @insane_physique, which has at least improved by properly spelling the word "insane." As of now, it's just photos and videos that don't really pertain to Caleb's life before the Big Brother house, but in the bio, his brothers assure us that Caleb will take over once he is done with the show.

As I mentioned before, Caleb has commented multiple times how excited he was to see how many followers he has once he leaves the Big Brother house. He'll definitely be surprised to find out that (incorrectly spelled) @insain_physique is dead and gone. Even when Caleb left for the NFL day trip, he asked the "handler" to check his account to see how many followers he has.

Hopefully Caleb has learned his lesson after living in the Big Brother house and won't post without realizing the implications of being a "social media mogul."

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS