RIP, A&F Moose

Pour one out for the little moose we all grew up with — Abercrombie & Fitch is dropping their logo by next spring, according to BuzzFeed. Does this mean all those horrible graphic T-shirts your parents have been keeping in the attic will one day be worth a bunch of money, like a vintage Louis Vuitton bag? I'm guessing this one will go the Beanie Baby route (read: not a chance).

So why the sudden change, A&F? Well, if you haven't noticed, the brand has been sort of scrambling to win back their once loyal Popular Girls At Your High School followers: They've ditched the whole "cool kid" branding and are working black into their offerings for the first time. Everyone knows logos aren't exactly "in" anymore, being seen more as a tacky way of conforming to societal norms. According to The Wall Street Journal, A&F is shedding the logo to follow the trend of teens preferring unmarked items that they can put together however their OOTD-styling hearts desire.

If you're an international shopper, however, the iconic moose logo is here to stay. BuzzFeed reports that customers in other countries are more into flashing brand names on their clothes.

RIP, little moosie. We'll miss you. At least we'll still have all those shirtless guys running around for us to look at.

Images: Abercrombie & Fitch; Giphy