Sick of "Let It Go?" They Will Change Your Mind

by Mallory Schlossberg

You: I am so sick of Frozen. If I hear one more cover of "Let It Go," I swear to Walt Disney that I will rip out one of my own teeth and then use it to claw one of my eyes out. If another seven year old belts it out — or worse, a drunk grown ass woman at karaoke — then I will delete my Facebook account just to hide from all of the "Let It Go" covers and parodies that pervade my social circles. Take that, most catchy power ballad of the past two years! I'm over you! Oh, what's that? A gorgeous cover of "Let It Go" sung by four sisters from the Philippines on a Korean pop talent show? A video of it? Why, of course, I'll watch it. My icy misanthropic Frozen-hating heart has melted with the beautiful sounds of these women's voices! And is that symbolism? The fact that they're sisters and Frozen is about sisterly love? Oh my gosh. It's a metaphor. I'm crying. OK, I concede. I can handle a little more "Let It Go," but promise me that this is the last one, unless you find a video of cats singing it.

You get the point. Check it out below because you can't deny yourself Frozen and you know it.

Image: Josan Imperial/Twitter