Why Did This Step-Bro Skip Out on Kimye?

While the girls may get all of the glory, the real breakout star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is stepbrother Brody Jenner; so why didn't he attend Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West? The wedding is obviously the pinnacle of this season's excitement, so it would be only natural to expect the best cast member to make an appearance. While Jenner is a great sibling to both his half-sisters Kylie and Kendall, and seems to have a pretty solid relationship with the Kardashian trio (why else would he join the cast this season?), his reason for being absent from the wedding is a little bit shady.

First of all, Jenner told Us Weekly he wasn't invited to the engagement, which is a little rough. As for the actual wedding, Kanye and Kim, lovers of finery, excess, and whole walls made of flowers, seem to have wanted an "intimate" affair, as many guests reportedly weren't allowed to bring dates. That includes Jenner, who couldn't bring his girlfriend of seven months, Kaitlynn Carter. I understand wanting to pare down such an important day, but given that Kimye shelled out money for Lana Del Ray to perform, I bet they could have made a little more room for Jenner's serious girlfriend.

Jenner clearly cares about his Kardashian siblings, like in the clip above where he has a light intervention with Rob who has been acting strange and withdrawn (seriously what has been going on with Rob?), so I can imagine it might have stung to be left out of Kim's wedding. To be fair, it's been reported that Khloe's new beau rapper French Montana also wasn't on site during the nuptials, so maybe the couple had one of those "if you've been dating less than a year, you can't bring your significant other" rules ( a real life playing out of Lily's "Name that Bitch" policy from How I Met Your Mother).

To add a little bit of fire to the mix, after being cut out of Kim's May ceremony, Jenner and his girl later hit Reggie Bush's July wedding. Yes, that Reggie Bush, of Kim Kardashian ex-boyfriend fame. But this all might not be as dramatic as it seems. Us Weekly reports there isn't any bad blood because of it, as Bush is an old friend and Jenner is quoted as saying he actually didn't go the Kimye wedding because he simply couldn't free himself from work long enough to go to Paris. That's one surprisingly baggage-less way to look at it. To be fair, it has been years since Kim and Bush have been together (she even had her ill-fated marriage to Kris Humphries in the middle). Plus, Kim is married to arguably one of the most successful living artists out there right now, so that has to ease the sting a little bit.

While it seems like trouble on the surface, I thing these step-siblings will still be able to keep on and get past something as inconsequential as what summer weddings Jenner did or did not attend, whether due to plus-ones or his work schedule.