Here's Why Brody Jenner Deserves More 'KUWTK' Love

It's not uncommon for shows that have been airing for a while to add new cast members to freshen up the roster. Keeping Up With The Kardashians ' Brody Jenner is more than just an add-on; he might in fact be the most underrated character on the show. While he lacks the outright bravado of a Scott Disick or the casual, though weirdly innocuous narcissism of a Kim, Brody isn't exactly boring. He's already made quite an impression by defending sister Kendall against a grabby hotel bar patron in Thailand during the family's vacation, but that wasn't the first time he stood in a KUWTK episode.

Not only is he pretty great at speaking up for what he thinks is wrong, Brody has already gotten a host of pretty solid moments in the show. Stepbrother to the main Kardashian girls, and half-brother to Kylie and Kendall, Brody has seamlessly fit in with the family. KUWTK doesn't get enough credit for being at its core a show about having a blended family (albeit a crazy rich and famous blended family).

It results in some heartfelt moments between the sisters, but also in the occasional wackier sitcom way, like when Brody walked in on a barely covered up Kim taking selfies and freaked out. I can't imagine how strange it must be to have a world famous sister known for being beautiful, and to probably have people asking you non-stop if you think she's hot. That has to be awkward for everyone.

So how does Brody stack up with the rest of the clan? Here's undeniable proof he deserves to be appreciated right alongside the rest of your KUWTK favorites.

He Can Insta With the Best of Them

The image-obsessed family sure does love them some Instagram. From Scott to Kylie everyone in between, they all snap photos constantly. Given that Brody basically wins at photos, he clearly deserves respect for his mad Instagram game.

He's Outspoken

Whether it's throwing shade at Robin Thicke's creepy album Paula, to sticking up for his dad when stepmom Kris Jenner gets overbearing, Brody can drop some real talk just as well if not better than the rest of the cast.

He's Got A Side Hustle

You're not a real member of the Kardashian cast until you have at least three other things going on. From perfumes to photo shoots, the girls are always working on something for themselves outside of the show. Brody himself hosts a podcast that features some great episodes, like his sit down with Mike "The Situation" Sorentino of Jersey Shore, which reveals the show was supposed to be an homage to Jenner's ex-show The Hills.

Images: brodyjenner/Instagram