9 Liam Payne Hairdos Ranked Because He’s Got More Styles Than Harry — PHOTOS

Everyone may be talking about how 5 Seconds of Summer is the "next big boy band," but I don't think that title is up for grabs just yet. After all, One Direction is still doing their thing and selling out arenas. These British boys are here to stay. In fact, 1D celebrated their fourth anniversary this summer. You know what that means? They're not the same lil teenagers who stole your heart on The X Factor. They're grown men now, gosh darnit! And that means their styles have changed over the years too. More specifically, Liam Payne's hair has undergone quite the transformation.

Not only the hair on his head, but also his facial hair has changed. He likes to switch things up between a beard, some scruff, or a clean-shaven face. I'd argue he's got the best hair in the entire band. That may seem like a bold statement (please don't hate me, Directioners), but I'd probably even be willing to bet money on it. To prove my point, I've rounded up some photographic evidence. Let's take a look at a definitive ranking of Liam's best hairdos over the years. Because hey, why not use an extra excuse to stare at his face?

9. The Bieber Bowl Cut

He's such a baby, baby, baby here. While it's maybe a suitable look for a 14-year-old, I'm not too crazy about it. Plus he needs his own signature style, not Justin's.

8. Super Shaggy

It it just me or does he look like Heath Ledger here? Usually that's not a bad comparison, but combined with the super formal suit, I'm not feeling it.

7. Deep part

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, I'm not a fan of the really deep part on the side of his head. Sorry, not sorry! The length is nice though.

6. The Blonde Wig

This is proof blondes really do have more fun! Marcel's style was memorable and the pink headband was a nice touch.

5. Faux hawk

I don't hate the faux-hawk. But I don't love it either. It gets a B ranking.

4. Long (But Not Too Long) Hair

He looks like one of Avril Lavigne's sk8er bois here, and that's kind of adorable. Don't you just want to tousle his hair?

3. Buzz Cut

The shaved head isn't bad. But with the shaved facial hair too, he looks a little too youthful. More scruff, please!

2. Biebs 2.0

I had to do a double-take. Tell me this doesn't look like Bieber's twin. Unlike the style at No. 9, this one gets an A+.

1. Beckham-esque

Now I see why people say he looks like David Beckham. And no, him being shirtless is not the only reason this is No. 1. Just look at the second piece of proof below and tell me it's not the best look:

See? I rest my case!

Images: Getty Images (2), WiffleGif (10)