Christine's Husband Criticizes Her 'Big Brother' Flirtation With Cody, But Her Mom Wants to See Her Evicted

When your spouse goes away for the summer to be on a reality show, you hope that he or she stays faithful. Especially because if he or she doesn't, his or her infidelity plays out in front of millions of people on national television. That's been the case for Timothy Brecht, the husband of Big Brother contestant Christine. And, during Thursday's Big Brother, Tim finally spoke out about Christine and Cody's odd, flirtatious relationship, and, believe it or not, his words aren't nearly as harsh as Christine's mother's.

But, first, let's back up: Christine and her fellow houseguest Cody have struck up a very close friendship during this season of Big Brother. So close, in fact, that fans and houseguests alike have commented that they seem like they're more than just friends. Their cuddling and caressing just simply didn't seem like normal behavior for a pair of platonic houseguests. And, this week, many of Cody and Christine's housemates have commented on the inappropriate nature of their relationship, given Christine's marriage.

Up until this point, we've only heard from Timothy via Twitter, on which he regularly posts about this season. Naturally, Big Brother fans have asked Christine's significant other about his feelings towards Christine and Cody and their seemingly intimate relationship. Some fans have even gone so far as to harass Timothy online, for whatever reason, because of how his wife has been acting on the show. In response, Timothy has kept it pretty cool. He has said that it is of course not great to see his wife become so close to another man on TV, but he still loves her and supports her.

Timothy was also pretty worried about how he would come off on TV. You never know how something is going to be edited, especially on a reality show, where there is a certain story line that the producers want to convey. With Cody and Christine's relationship such a hot topic on and off the show, you can't blame them for wanting to heat up the drama by portraying Timothy as pretty pissed off about what his wife has been up to in the house.

But Timothy didn't come off too jealous an individual when viewers finally got to see and hear him speak on Big Brother during Thursday night's episode. During the a pre-recorded segment dedicated to each of the individuals in the house, Timothy told his wife, "Don't forget about me, OK?" (Though Christine didn't immediately get as teary-eyed as the other houseguests at seeing her loved one, she did seem to eventually get emotional minutes later.)

Shortly after, Big Brother visited Timothy and Christine's parents at home for an extended interview about how Christine has acted in the house. So how did Timothy really feel? "Christine's relationship with Cody has been a little odd," Timothy said. "Personally, I do think a couple boundaries have been crossed."

Timothy said the hair-pettings and the closely latched hands have been a bit too much for him to watch. He also thought when Zingbot said, “Cody, you’re such a nice guy. You haven’t made any enemies this summer, except for maybe Christine’s husband,” it was warranted.

But Christine's mother and father were actually much more outraged over her relationship with Cody. Her dad Keith said it was "uncomfortable to watch." What her mom Debbie said was the harshest out of anyone's comments. "I feel like I raised her different," she said:

Ouch. She could give Zingbot a run for her money.

Although Cody is the heartthrob of this season, thanks to his young John Travolta looks, Timothy said he can hold his own in the beauty department. When Timothy meets Cody, he wants to give him a "bro hug" and "maybe play with his hair a little bit to see what the fuss is all about." I, for one, would like to see that — as would the rest of Big Brother's fans, I'd bet.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS