'Big Brother's Frankie & Derrick Finally Realized America Hates Them & They Are Not Happy

The ramifications of Thursday night's Big Brother eviction, during which Donny Thompson was voted out by his own Team America members, is finally coming to light in the Big Brother house. Remaining houseguests and Team America members, Derrick and Frankie are just now realizing that they might be on the outs with America after Thursday's show. But what caused the lightbulb to go off in their heads? Well, there are possibly a few reasons Team America — that is, Derrick, Frankie, and America — might be a divided nation right now.

On Thursday, Team America found out that America voted an "overwhelming no" to the play that they put on for their mission this week. The play was boring, not really that funny — except for Donny's Devin impression — and a poor excuse for a mission. Frankie even had to bribe fans to vote "yes" on the mission so they could win money, and that still didn't work. After Donny was evicted, Derrick and Frankie got to talking about what went down in the episode realizing that from Donny's exit to their failed mission, Team America seems to not really have the support of America anymore.

Sucks indeed, Derrick. As someone who is a huge fan of the show, I feel like Derrick of all people should know what America wants to see from its Big Brother representatives. While Derrick asks for forgiveness to America, Frankie decided to take a different approach to the situation.

Frankie seems to be baffled that America fell in love with the kind heart that Donny possesses. It's a crazy concept, I know, but sometimes people like people who are nice. Then Derrick started getting the feeling that things aren't looking good for him and Frankie.

And Frankie realizes that America is over the whole Frankie Grande being Ariana Grande's brother thing.

And once Frankie realized that the fans of the show were not really fans of him, he went on the defense.

Will this past week cause Team America to reevaluate their game plan in the house, or is the damage done now that Donny is gone? It seems that with the way things are looking, Derrick and Frankie can say goodbye to that America's Favorite Player prize.

Image: CBS