When Will 'Big Brother' Favorite Donny Be on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'? He Better Start Rehearsing

If you're anything like me, you're just starting to get over the pain that was Big Brother 's Thursday episode when Donny was evicted from the house. Also, if you're anything like me, you're already wondering when Donny will be on Bold and the Beautiful — which Julie Chen shared with him before he was whisked away to the jury house. It was the ultimate "Hell Yeah!" for Donny fans after we saw Team America vote to evict him, and it got a ton of us wondering who our favorite houseguest will play on the soap opera as well.

Well, we might not need to wait too long to find out, because there is a good chance Donny will be making his guest appearance sooner rather than later. We know that Big Brother's finale is Sept. 24 — mark your calendars — so unfortunately, Donny can't do anything on the other show until after that, because he'll be confined to the jury house until then. But, what we do know is that Bold and the Beautiful has a pretty quick turn around for filming to airing — as most daily soaps do — so once Donny is out of the jury house and back to living his life, he will most likely be swept up into his new Hollywood role shortly after.

A past press release from Bold and the Beautiful reveals that the show filmed in Paris on June 11, and the episodes that those scenes were filmed for began to air Aug. 6. That gives them a little more than a month and a half to edit and piece together in post-production. Assuming this is the absolute longest time between filming and airing that Bold and the Beautiful would have, there is a chance that Donny could film the week or two after he is out of the house and be back on our screens — as a much more dramatic character actor, of course — by November. Win!

Hopefully, Donny's role is a storyline that they want to air to audiences ASAP, because that means we'll only have few short weeks of not seeing Donny on our television screens before he returns to another BB. While I would love to see Donny play himself in the soap show, I think Donny was really on to something with his Devin impersonation. Either way, I know Donny will shine as an actor!

Images: CBS; Groundskeeper Donny, Fuck Yeah It's Big Brother/Tumblr