A 'Friday Night Lights' Reunion Happened So We Can All Die Happy — PHOTO

Remember the good ol' days when the only thing in life worth worrying about which hot football player from the Dillon Panthers Lyla Garrity would choose to date on Friday Night Lights ? Whether you were Team Street or Team Riggins (or Team Eric Taylor, let's be real), keeping up with all the latest dramz happening in Dillon, Texas made all of our normal lives seem ridiculously boring in comparison. From wondering if Jason Street would ever rise from his wheelchair to wondering what beauty products Connie Britton used to look so #flawless all the time, Friday Night Lights was a football soap opera for the ages, and when it went off the air, a part of each and every loyal Panther fan's heart withered and died.

Thankfully Scott Porter, who played Jason Street in the show, felt like giving the world a giant miracle while attending the Made In America concert festival in Los Angeles with his wife on August 31. Instead of wasting his time seeing any of the superstar musical acts there, he chose to do us all a solid and reunite with old TV flame Minka Kelly (Lyla Garrity). It appears that no one else from FNL was there, but if I had to guess, Tim Riggins is probably out of the shot doing keg stands in between Iggy Azalea and Kendrick Lamar's sets, and Julie Taylor is most likely jamming to Imagine Dragons somewhere with Saracen by her side.

"A little Street and Lyla reunion at the #MadeInAmerica music fest. #FridayNightLights 4 Life," Porter captioned the 'gram. *swoon*

Next time y'all get together, can you let me know ahead of time, guys? Thanks, and GO PANTHERS!

Sources: Getty Image; Scott Porter/Instagram