Cody Sattler is Clueless About Michelle Money on 'Bachelor in Paradise' — Not Creepy

When it comes to Bachelor in Paradise, it's brawn over brains for Cody Sattler, He's a total sweetheart, but also totally out of touch in his relationship with Michelle Money. She spent much of the episode lamenting over Cody's obsession with her especially because he's already said he loves her. Cody, meanwhile, spent most of the episode talking about how awesome Michelle Money is and how she has the best lips.

It's clear that his heart is in the right place, even if Michelle & Cody's relationship is weird. He keeps telling Michelle he's there for her and that he's so happy to have met her. It's reassuring enough to keep Michelle around, even though he lays it on kind of thick. She seems to enjoy the attention, which has helped her overlook how beefy Cody is—something she says is not usually her type.

I don't mean to employ the stereotype that buff guys are dumb, but Cody is certainly naive. He said that "Michelle is everything" but he doesn't even really know her. As Michelle herself said, "it's only been a week." How could he know her enough to deem to "everything?"

He's moving a little fast for both Michelle and the show's viewers, but he is nice if not a little clueless about how to conduct himself in a relationship. Pro tip: if someone tells you that you're smothering her and taking things too quickly, it's probably better to back off rather than to tell her that she's everything.

But as much Cody has been overwhelming her, Michelle has stuck around so far, so who am I to judge his efforts? They may have a strange relationship, but who in the Bachelor world doesn't?

Images: Francisco Roman/ABC; crushable