'Big Brother' Fans Yelled at the Houseguests About Frankie Grande, But Did They Listen?

What do you get when you cross an anti-Frankie Grande Big Brother fan and a megaphone? Well, we found out what you get when someone took matters into their own hands to scream something at the Big Brother houseguests from over the backyard fence on Aug. 31. This isn't the first time fans have screamed things to the houseguests. Earlier in the season Zach was getting a lot of love from fans outside the Big Brother walls. But now, it isn't just "I love you, Zach!" that is being yelled, but serious game talk, which could affect how the game is played.

It actually started on Aug. 24, when a fan yelled over the fence, "Frankie is the saboteur," which caused production to send the houseguests inside the house immediately. Once the feeds returned, Caleb and Derrick discussed what they heard, but the feeds were cut again. The reason that this is kind of unfair (even though it might cause the houseguests to start targeting Frankie) is because then the game seems a little compromised. It isn't as fun to watch Big Brother when the outside world can plant ideas in the houseguests' heads, even if it is gratifying.

It seemed like the whole thing was forgotten about until this past Sunday, when the heckling returned with even more potentially game-ruining comments. This time, Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick — weirdly enough these were the three the comment was about — were outside when this was yelled.

And while the first "Frankie is the saboteur" didn't seem to affect the game that much, the second fan involvement seemed to really get the houseguests thinking about Frankie's role in the house. After the incident, Caleb and Derrick started discussing what would happen if they tried to backdoor Frankie.

#BackdoorFrankie started trending on Twitter, with the hopes that as the Big Brother villain, Frankie would be the replacement nominee and sent out the door on Thursday's live show. Caleb felt very confident with the game move, saying it was better to get Frankie out before he could get Caleb out.

Is it just me, or is Caleb starting to become a really good player of this game? I know he had a rough start by going psycho over Amber, but he has started to really get his head in the game, and even tried to save Donny last Thursday before the eviction. Unfortunately, Caleb just didn't have the "man pants" to put Frankie up on the block, so operation #BackdoorFrankie will have to be saved for another week.

And as for fans screaming at the houseguests, I say let the houseguests figure it out on their own. After all, if they can't figure out that Frankie has become the villain, do they even deserve to win?

Images: CBS