Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne For My Burberry Made For The Gosh Darn Cutest Photoshoot You'll Ever See

I feel certain that Kate Moss would personally kill me (if ever circumstances allowed it) if she found I said this, but everyone's thinking it: It's all like the changing of the guard up in here. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are the new faces of My Burberry, and it feels a whole lot like a Brit It Girl Power Transfer.

Right? There's some serious torch-passing going on here, what with the icon-status '90s grunge mega-star posing with someone who is arguably today's most-sought after supermodel (heck, she's certainly got enough side projects going on, if Zoolander 2 and her recent designing efforts with DKNY are any indication — strike while the iron is hot, girl). Anyway, I don't think I need to tell you that this particular combination of Brit It-Girls is the coolest/hippest/chicest thing since sliced bread.

The two teamed up to promote My Burberry, a new fragrance from the brand that features a customizable bottle: you can personalize it by getting it monogrammed with your initials (does it get any classier than Burberry trenchcoats and monogrammed perfumed? I don't think so). The upcoming campaign intends to take full advantage of the custom aspects of the newest fragrance: using smartphones and some innovative new technology, the interactive commercials and billboards will showcase customers' newly-monogrammed bottles. It's certainly a social media-savvy campaign, and Cara Delevingne (with upwards of 6 million followers on her Instagram account) makes more sense for the ad campaign than ever.

According to a profile in Vogue, the two models got along quite well: they both expressed their excitement at working together, and it shows:


Even more adorable.

Can we all be best friends now?

Images: @Copyright Burberry/Testino/BURBERRY.COM