17 Things You Should Click On Instead Of Naked Pics of Celebs

Celebrity women have seen a cruel side of the Internet recently, and we should all be disappointed. An anonymous hacker released explicit photos of nearly 100 female celebrities this week, including photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and an Ariana Grande lookalike. While some celebrities, like Grande, have denied that the photos are genuine, both Lawrence and Winstead have stated that the nude photos are real and a huge invasion of privacy. And while the anonymous hacker — who allegedly started posting the photos on 4chan — is to blame for the spreading of the exploitive photos, anyone who seeks out the photos is to blame for being complicit in the blatant privacy invasion of these celebrities.

Luckily, we really have no reason to seek out the place where awful people decided to share these personal photos. As cruel as the Internet can be and as disappointed as its users can make us feel, it's not all bad. After all, the Internet is a vast place with plenty of room for things that don't make us feel like we should give up on the human race entirely. Instead of clicking on private celebrity photos, why not pop over to these links instead? I promise you that you'll feel much better about the internet by the end of this list.

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Images: Giphy; Mashable; HappyBentoBox; LifeHacks