Does Madison Hildebrand Have a Boyfriend? The Former 'Million Dollar Listing: LA' Star Is Having a Great Summer With or Without One

Even though superstar Malibu realtor Madison Hildebrand has left Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles , he still has a wildly successful career. And while he'll be missed among the Joshes and the newbie Bond Street Boys, it's great that he's been able to move on to bigger and better things professionally, but those of us in the audience are left hanging about his personal life. Was Madison able to find himself a new boyfriend after breaking up with Marco last season on Million Dollar Listing?

He was single back in late 2013, when ex-boyfriend Marco broke up with him on the eve of their big trip to Mexico. While it was shocking at the time, Madison has since completely moved on. When speaking about the split on Bravo, he said that they'd agreed that it was better to just not even become friends. That type of breakup can hurt, but with almost a year since then and no new guy in Madison's life, I can't help but want him to get back out there!

Judging from his stint on The Millionaire Matchmaker (yep, I'm the one person who still hate-watches that show) back in 2011, Madison can be a demanding boyfriend. His perfectionism probably leads to a lot of abandoned prospects, and his laser focus on work could kill a new relationship. Like Patti Stanger said, he can't be a "lazy lion" and expect all the men to come to him. He's too busy for the perfect man to fall into his lap.

But it seems that whether Madison has found a new boyfriend and is keeping him on the DL or is still waiting for that perfect guy, he's had an amazing summer that will make you jealous.

He Took a Photo-Ready Trip

Madison and his friend Kevin Peake, an LA-based actor, took a jaunt to Nantucket where they wore matching navy blues.

Hung Out with Maya

Madison Hildebrand/Instagram

I'm sure the Doberman has been enjoying summer right alongside Madison.

...And a Monkey

Madison Hildebrand/Instagram

Let's hope Maya didn't see this photo, she might get a little jealous.

Took a Hike with his Mom

Madison Hildebrand/Instagram

He had to squeeze in a little exercise between all the trips to the beach.

Went for a "Cruise" in his Bentley

Madison Hildebrand/Instagram

So it's safe to say he's still got plenty of million dollar listings.

Capped Off the Summer with Some Animated Friends

Madison Hildebrand/Instagram

It seems Madison wanted to end his summer with the most random Labor Day ever, by hanging out with Barney and Spongebob. Sure, why not?

If this summer proved anything, it's that Madison is more than content to spend time with his family and his dog, who is 1000x cuter than any BF would be. But there's no reason he shouldn't be out in the dating scene — he looks great, I don't think he's ever had a bad hair day in his life. If he is going out with a new guy, Madison hasn't made anything official just yet. But for Million Dollar Listing: LA fans, he doesn't have to be on the show for us to wish him another great few months and the best guy out there.

Images: Madison Hildebrand/Instagram