Heidi Klum & Mary-Kate Olsen Hang Out & This Is The Most Random Friendship Ever

Apparently tennis matches really bring people together. At the U.S. Open, Heidi Klum was spotted hanging out with Mary-Kate Olsen. There's even photographic evidence of this very random friendship. I'm a huge fan of both of these ladies, but don't really understand the connection. Is Klum secretly a huge Full House fan? Does Olsen obsessively watch Project Runway each week? It wasn't just a girls' get-together. It was reportedly a double date. Klum brought her boyfriend Vito Schnabel, and MK's fiancé Olivier Sarkozy was there. So maybe a potential explanation is that the men are the ones who are friends..? That would actually make sense.

Still, Klum and Olsen looked pretty BFF-like in pictures. And even if it is the men who are friends, as we know from Kimye and Bey-Z, just because two guys are friends, doesn't mean their significant others have to get along. (Yup, I'm referencing the supposed Kim/Beyoncé feud). So they must really like each other, right? Since it seems that's the case, I've decided to round up all the things these two have in common because maybe it proves they can have stuff to bond over after all.

Age Doesn't Matter

They're both dating men that aren't even close to their own age. The age difference between Klum and Schnabel is 13 years, with Klum being the older one. Meanwhile, there's a major age-gap between Olsen and Sarkozy, too. He's 16 years older. I mean, it might make sense if they swapped boyfriends, but nah... As the saying goes, "Age ain't nothin' but a number," which also means the age difference between these new friends isn't weird either.

They're TV Pros

Klum has been hosting Project Runway for 13 seasons now, and Olsen has been acting since she was an infant. They're both seasoned vets when it comes to starring on TV shows. Sure, it's been awhile since Olsen has starred in anything, but that doesn't mean they can't bond over acting.

Clothing Lines & Perfume

Each of these ladies consider themselves businesswomen. They both have lines of perfume and clothing. So basically, they're both design experts, right? They also must both smell really great.

They Have The Best Sidekicks

I would love to be BFFs with Tim Gunn, just like Klum. Or if I could hang out with Ashley Olsen, that'd be pretty cool too. Basically both of them are always seen with someone awesome by their side.

Blondes Have More Fun

OK, so Olsen's hair is sometimes reddish, but she's usually a blonde. And Klum? She's always blonde. They can bond over their hair color, right?

Alright, some of these may seem like a stretch. But maybe having nothing in common doesn't matter. Just look how much fun they had together:

Images: WiffleGif