5SOS’ Michael Clifford Is a Walking Rainbow, Here are 13 of His Best Hair Dye Looks — PHOTOS

If you're in a band, one of the best ways to carve out a niche for yourself that separates you from the rest of your bandmates is your hair, and one guy who definitely doing this is Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer. If you weren't aware, boy bands run solely on the fumes of super strength hairspray and the screams of teenage girls, so making sure you have a signature 'do is imperative to your success. Walk up to any rando on the street and ask, "Do you know who Chris Kirkpatrick is?" and they'd most likely be all, "Um, the bartender at the Irish Pub downtown I hate?" Then you'd cringe, and give them a gentle reminder: he was the member of N*SYNC with the dreads. How could you forget those majestic beads, random stranger? HOW COULD YOU?!

While the days of Justin Timberlake's ramen noodle hair and Nick Carter's floppy middle part are long gone, a new era of boy bands is upon us, and they've brought along a whole new range of hairstyles with them. Harry Styles made quite the impression with his curly brown mop last year, but the real superstar who's emerged has to be Clifford of 5SOS, the Australian pop punk band most famous for their American Apparel underwear. Clifford contributes a lot to the group: some sick guitar playing, smooth vocals, and a whole lotta hair dye.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From neon pink to deep purple, Clifford isn't afraid to let his head become ground zero for a Manic Panic explosion. Here are his best looks (complete with some amazing selfie facial expressions):


Clifford is definitely cute in that grungy-guy-next-door kind of way, but the green hair is bringing him down. Katy and Gaga did it better than you, mate. (He's Australian, so that's cool to say, right?)


Blonde-ish, with lots of roots. While it's definitely better than the clump of moss growing on his head in the previous pic, he can totally do better. Put that "Amnesia" money to work, boy!


If you're going to go colorful, go FULL COLOR. You've got this, Michael! Dye all those bangs blue!


That's more like it.


I'm not sure if it's the MySpace pose that's clouding my judgement, but this streaky purple style is juuuussstttt missing the mark.


This faded lilac color, on the other hand, is supa cute, and is making me start to question my own boring hair color. Should I go purple, Michael? Will you hold my hand through the process?


White blonde never looked so good. I hereby petition the world to start referring to him as Michael Monroe whenever his hair happens to be this shade.


A for effort, F- for the fact he looks like a skunk. So close, yet so far.


Is this his natural color? Does anyone know? Did he pop out of the womb with rainbow hair? He looks good. I dig it.


Clifford took a risk and went full on brony. His courage should be applauded, but the wishy-washy color isn't quite perfect yet.


The perfect shade of purple AND he's representing 'murrica? A++++


*eyes pop out of head*


Welp, I'm in love. Can someone give me his number so we can have a hair dye party ASAP followed by a wedding and four beautiful children? That would be great.

Images: Michael Clifford/Instagram