The 'SYTYCD' Finale Will Challenge Zack Everheart, But His Chances Are Looking Pretty Good

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The time has come: The winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 will be announced on September 3 and one of my favorite dancers of the season, SYTYCD tapper Zack Everhart, is in the final four. In addition to earning the title of "America's Favorite Dancer" for a year, the winner of SYTYCD gets to be on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine, is offered a part in Broadway’s On the Town, and wins $250,000. Not too shabby.

Jessica Richens and Ricky Ubeda are the more technical dancers of the top four, while Zack and Valerie Rockey have the performance aspect down. Ricky is the frontrunner (he's got the moves and the facial expressions), but I split my final final 20 votes between Ricky and Zack. I think Ricky truly deserves to take the title home, but I’d also be happy if Zack won. And here's why...

Image: Mike Yarish/Fox

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